Pet Friendly Home Exchange Websites

Want to swap your home for another pet friendly home and vacation for free. You can search these sites' data bases of members' homes to learn if there is a pet friendly one where you'd like to go before you sign up. Some of the members offer to watch your pet while you watch theirs.
Home For Exchange has the easiest "Pets OK" search option and has 10,000+ members. At the Home Page, click on "Advanced Search", on the right of the new screen is "Include listings with these features" Section. You will see the "Pets Ok" Box to click.
Home Exchange also has a "Pets OK" search option and 10,000+ members. At the Home Page, click on "Detail Search", scroll down to the "More Search Criteria" section. Under "Amenities" below neighbor click on the "Misc" button. Near the bottom of the list that appears click on "Pets OK". Then click add item and perform your search.
Home Link is a great exchange club and it's been around the longest, but they do not have a Pets Ok search option. If you aren't finding what you want in the others there is usually a line in the property description that says if pets are accepted.