About Lana and Pet Travel Reviews

Lana always wanted to be a star!

Lana is a 4-year old Long Coat Chihuahua from a long line of California championship show dogs. She's named for another famous California blonde, Lana Turner.

Lana's early aspirations for a Westminster title were squashed due to an intense fear of heights which had her doing belly flops on the table for the judges. As often happens, a door opened for her as a result. She much prefers to report on her travels with her people who as a retirement hobby fly their Cirrus airplane all over the US, Canada and Mexico.

She started her website because it was hard to find good pet friendly hotels and she wanted to share her research to make it easier for other pet travelers.

Lana prepares for takeoff!
Everyone's waiting for my next review. Let's get going people.

Then she realized she couldn't possibly scope out everything by herself, so she's added a reader review section. Please help her keep your fellow pet travelers up to date on all the best pet friendly places. Join today.

Also, check out her new pet friendly hotel search and booking feature, Top 10 Pet Travel Destinations, and a complete list of Lana reviewed pet friendly hotels.

Most of Lana's pet friendly hotels have an Orbitz BOOK NOW button for online booking, or to just compare pricing or check out Orbitz customer reviews from people that have for sure stayed in the hotel (unlike some other review sites online).

Lana also includes a direct website for easy online booking for most of her pet friendly hotels; where you can check for any AAA or other discounts offered directly from the hotel and where you generally get a more lenient cancellation policy.

She's put the pet fees and weight limits in a searchable format for your convenience, but hotel's pet policies and fees are constantly changing so always check with the hotel directly for the current pet policy before booking.

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